Mission Hills, Kansas to get Google Fiber

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mission hills

 Mission Hills, Kansas

Here’s to congratulating the City Council of Mission Hills, Kansas on their decision to ratify and roll out Google Fiber.

With so many other important decisions on the plate of any city council, it wouldn’t be the first time could be missed.  But considering the progress that Google Fiber signifies to the citizens of any city, it was likely the first thing they voted “yes” to.

Mission Hills residents may find it easier to retain the minimum necessary percent of registrations for each fiberhood to garner the attention of Google Fiber technicians.  Each school in each fiberhood will receive free access to Google Fiber if the fiberhood meets its minimum registration requirement.  At the rate Google is going with the roll out, Mission Hills may start to see actual service within six months.

For more information on how you can get Google Fiber to your home, check out http://fiber.google.com