Google TV, Android TV, or is it Nexus TV?

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Nexus TV

Since it’s inception in 2010 Google TV has been plagued with issues.  Although, the ideal seems sound, very few content providers seemed to take it to heart as a good idea.  Logitech and Sony committed heavily to the force of Google for the sake of managing content. And the Google TV managed to squeeze itself between the Cable box and your TV, so why the hard times?

Not that long it looked like the Google TV brand was going away to be replaced by Android TV.  After all, Google TV is running on Android.  But where the Android platform has taken the world by storm, it just doesn’t seem to translate well to a gigantic non-touchscreen like your TV.

Thankfully, the Chromecast has been a smashing success, but it is fairly inexpensive.   Google TV may finally have its place as Nexus TV and for those lucky few who live in Kansas City, Provo, and Austin who can use their Nexus 7 to control their Google TV and Internet service, this may be a good direction.

The big distinction in the new Nexus TV is that broadcast TV will not be routed through it.  This change may be the big one for the likely success of the ideal.  For now (and likely the foreseeable future) content companies still hold most of the reigns. Google will just have to find another way.