Google Fiber for Roeland Park, Kansas

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Roeland Park

Roeland Park sees a Google Fiber Future.

Add another mark to the talley, the 18th city to join Google Fiber has voted to affirm.  Roeland Park, Kansas is getting Google Fiber.  Thanks to the vote from the City Council of Roeland Park, the city will soon see it’s name in lights on the Google Fiber site.

The spread of Google Fiber is far and wide about the vicinity of Kansas City.  This proves with fair consistency that installation of Google Fiber in nearly any city is reasonable.  Although Provo, Utah isn’t much on either physical area or population, the build there was done by the city years earlier.  The work in Roeland Park will mostly be above the ground, like the rest of KC.

Roeland Park residents can prepare for the roll out by checking the Google Fiber site for updates.  Eventually (likely soon) there will be a listing for all Google Fibers cities where the residents can check for their city and fiberhood. In all likelihood Google will begin sending out surveys to the residents of Roeland Park, that will indicate when they can choose their plan.

There are three plans available to Google Fiber recipients.

(1) Free