Google Fiber heading to Merriam Kansas

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Merriam Kansas
Credit: Mike Linhart / Panoramio

Google Fiber heading to Merriam Kansas

Adding yet to the ever growing list of Google Fiber cities, Merriam Kansas has now finalized its agreement to join the gigabit movement.

Monday Night, the Merriam Kansas City Council voted to approve Google Fiber making it the 17th city in the Greater Kansas City Area to receive the fastest internet the US.  Like all other recent approvals, Merriam will be have it’s own special page added to the Google Fiber site where residents can make their wishes known.  Google will begin to divide up the city in fiberhoods and set a qualifying percentage that the locals will need to meet in order to receive the service.

If you’re a fan of Google Fiber and currently live in Merriam, Kansas, sign up for the service on and tell your neighbors.   Most fiberhoods require no more than 15% of the residents to agree to purchase a plan, to qualify to whole group. As a reminder if your neighbors aren’t interested in the hyper fast speeds of Google Fiber or can’t afford the gigabit speeds at $70 / month, they can always opt for the free service.

  • Free Internet 5 Mbps down / 1 Mbps up (installation fee $300 or $25 / month for 12 months)
  • $70 / month Gigabit Internet 1 Gbps down / 1 Gbps up (installation fee waived)
  • $120 / month Gigabit Internet 1 Gbps down / 1 Gbps up + Google Internet TV and 2TB DVR w/ up 8 simultaneous show recording (installation fee waived)