Google Docs Spell Check Gets Faster

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Google Docs Spell Check

As if Google Docs Spell Check wasn’t fast enough, now it’s even faster.  If you’re not using Chrome and having it do the spell checking for you, you can still have Google Docs “Spelling” feature check your work.

If you’ve ever used the “Spelling” feature in Google Docs, usually it was a manual process of right-clicking and selecting the correct spelling.  But now when you use the feature, it search your doc and offer the suggested spellings automatically.  Of course if you trust Google implicitly, you can forego this lengthy process and select “change all”.  Or if you feel that your unique spelling of a word proves that the Google dictionary is out of date, you can select “add to dictionary”.

This added feature is just one of many added by the Google Drive team to the Docs sector of Google’s office productivity products.  Thankfully these updates are included for free as a part of Google’s commitment to a solid product that itself is free.