Google Chromecast Audio Includes Multi-room Music

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Google Chromecast Audio includes Multi-room Music

For anyone who has struggled to find a suitable multi-room audio solution, your solution has arrived in the form of Google Chromecast Audio.  Ok, so maybe very few people have the cash laying around to purchase 3 or 4 Sonos devices in order to acquire the full multi-room music solution.  Most of us do not have $1200-$2000 just for in-home audio; that’s what a portable Bluetooth speakers is for.

At a whopping $35 per device, the Chromecast Audio is an easy choice over the least expensive Sonos device ($200) which starts at six times the price of the Chromecast Audio.  Certainly, the quality of the Sonos speaker is better than that of most Bluetooth Speakers, but why spend so much more, when you can use what you (likely) already have.

BEM, a manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers, has an interesting solution for multi-room music.  They offer 3 battery-operated Bluetooth-connected speakers (HLB2002B) that each inductively charge on a platform.   You’d think that this would be great for multi-room audio, but there is a drawback: Bluetooth.   Bluetooth is only good for about 30 feet, line-of-sight, and if your house is really old (like most homes in San Francisco) that range could be < 5 feet.   However, this BEM device still sports a 3.5mm audio jack and could therefore cater to the Chromecast Audio.

Alternatively, it is possible to connect a Chromecast to a TV in each room and even stream to all devices at once.  But how many of us have an TV+speakers in every room?

Are we now on the edge of our seats as to how this new Google device will change music playback?

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