San Jose Fiber Huts to be placed

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San Jose Fiber Huts 003

Nine San Jose Fiber Huts installed by Google over the next three years

San Jose is one of the ten largest cities in the United States having passed one million residents in the early part of the 21st millennium.  It’s much larger than any other city where Google Fiber has been successfully installed.  So three year estimated roll-out of Fiber to this grand Silicon Valley city isn’t all that far fetched.

One of the first things that Google Fiber will need in San Jose is a hub for all the connections.  Whereas you might find the infamous “Lawn Fridges” adorning the landscape in most cities, Google Fiber consolidates these into a small box known as a “Fiber Hut”. Each Fiber Hut amasses 40,000 fiber connections to the surrounding homes and businesses. But in a city of over 1,000,000 people, quite a few huts would be required.

Not every single person in San Jose will be getting their own connection, but 360,000 connections, or nine Fiber Huts, would seem to be enough to cover the city. The next thing you’re probably thinking about is, NIMBY or “Not In My Back Yard”. Fortunately each Fiber Hut will occupy city-owned land and centralized to each of the city’s districts. Below is a list of (most of) the locations and districts that each Fiber Hut will be placed into.

  • (01) Williams Rd near Moorpark Ave
  • (02) Hellyer Ave & Bernal Rd
  • (03) Bird Ave & Virginia St
  • (03) Guadalupe Parkway near Mission St
  • (05) Mexican Heritage Plaza Parking Lot
  • (07) Lone Bluff Wy & Oldham Rd
  • (10) Glenbury Wy & Thornwood Dr
  • (10) Blossom Hill Rd & Camden Rd

The installation of these small buildings will indicated to the locals that Google Fiber will soon be available in their neighborhood.  At which time it would be good to check with Google Fiber to find out when you can get access to the service.

Source: Mercury News