Chrome App Launcher for Windows

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Chrome App Launcher For Windows

Chrome is making it’s way into Windows.  If you’re already familiar with the Chromebook interface this will be similar.

Although you will have to wait until the launch is official, there is still a way to get the launcher now.   The Launcher will put a link on the desktop and task bar.  You will need to be logged into your Google account for this to work, but the window will look like the launcher from Chrome OS.

It would seem that Google is intent on taking over the Windows environment with this move to allow Chrome apps to be launched from without Chrome. If only Microsoft had realized the potential of web program (app) integration a decade ago, they might been able to compete now

Google’s apps will be able to take advantage of the resources of the Windows system, such as audio and data connectivity hardware.  In a sense any Windows box could become a Chromebox in the near future.