Google Voice to be Consolidated into Google Hangouts

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Google Voice to be moved into Google Hangouts

The long-lived and somewhat obscure application, Google Voice will likely be consolidated into Hangouts.  As it stands now, many of Google Voices’ features have already been adapted into Google Hangouts.  It’s not really all that surprising as many of Google’s long time apps have either been demolished or incorporated elsewhere.

Rather than using Google Voice as a forwarding service, Google Hangouts might become more of an actual VoIP phone line.  Again, this is not such a surprising move from Google, but it may not go over well with on iOS.  To defeat the mobile phone service ideal of carriers might border on the contest between Google Fiber and all other ISPs.

Google Hangouts currently has the capacity to send SMS, acting just like your prior default SMS app.  But more and more phone functionality in Google Hangouts is not so odd.

As it is there does not appear to be any definite timeline for the demise of Google Voice (thank goodness), but it does seem inevitable. Here’s to hoping that Google sorts out the bugs before they toss a good app.

Google Voice dropped in Hangouts Upgrade

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Although likely not the intent of Google with the upgrade to Hangouts across all Google text and voice communications, Google Voice calling has accidentally been dropped.  Users discovered this recently when moving from GTalk to Hangouts, that the plugin in Chrome and other browsers no longer functioned.  Fans and users of Google Voice via Gmail can still make and receive calls in Gmail, but must initiate them from the Google Voice site.

Those who do not wish to make this minor alteration to their Gmail experience can downgrade from Hangouts back to GTalk for now.  Google promises that in the very near future Hangouts will properly integrated Google Voice via Gmail.  Source