Google Trends: Who’s On Top?

Google Trends Top Chart

Did you want to know what Google knows?  Do you like to see results, statistics, graphs, and charts that will tell you what people are looking for?  Well, you guess correctly, Google has it in Google Trends.

Google Trends now has some spiffy visual attractions such as Hot Searches, Explore, and the New Top Charts.  Top Charts is a collection of the top 40 searches for certain topics in a visual presentation.  Each category shows, at a minimum the top 5 searches in that category with a visual of the number one search, and a bar graph on the other five. The list can be expanded into the top ten if selected. That next page will give additional information such as the number of months in the chart and what month the concept has peaked.

Built on the Knowledge Graph, Top Charts shows interest in actual “things” not merely keywords.    All sorts of terms and phrases that are associated with a central concept are included in the Knowledge Graph.  Although Top Charts purpose is to generate the most accurate rankings of search volume, no algorithm is perfect.

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