New Google Plus Share Button appears

New Google Plus Share Button New Google Plus Share Button 02

New Google Plus Share Button

Get your new Google Plus share button on as long as you are logged into a browser with your Google account.  This new Share button will allow you to post to Google Plus from just about anywhere.  And remember public Google Plus posts are public everywhere on the web, not just on Google Plus.

This breaks out the sharing feature from the prior version that was tied to your user profile.  You can now share away without more clicking.  No longer will you need to add a bookmark to your links just to share with Google Plus.  And more than just photos and links, the new Google Plus share button includes videos, events, and polls.

Google Plus Photos Non-destructive editing

non-destructive editing

Google announced today that Google Plus Photos will maintain your original photos and all edits.  This is what is called “non-destructive editing”.  Per the post, “Commitment-phobes rejoice!”  Apparently Google is one of the few online photo editing groups that will maintain all copies, rather than make changes and discard anything prior.

Some examples of what can be now done are…

  • Photo re-crop or re-framing can be modified
  • Retention of prior edits
  • Copy edits to other photos

Auto-awesome is available on all photos, not merely the ones that you take with your mobile devices.  If you have selected to backup your images from your desktop, those are available in Auto-Awesome as well.  But they too have maintained multiple copies.

Google enhancements are turning the process of making good pictures into great pictures, without the need for expensive 3rd-party software.

Auto Backup Everything with Google Plus

Auto Backup

Google is implementing a new feature.  It’s actually an old feature, but it’s got a new twist.  Google is prepared to Auto Backup Everything on your desktop with Google Plus. Everything that is a photo or video.  Google is offering to be the backup location for every video and photo that you have ever taken, just like in Picasa.

You’d probably think that there is no way that you would have enough room to back up every video and photo that you have ever taken.  But Google is willing to allow you to resize the backup files so that they do not count against your total.

Currently the share total across all Google programs is 15GB free, but you can easily upgrade to as much as 16TB if need be.

Merry Mr Jingles

Mr Jingles

 Merry Notifications with Mr Jingles

Yet another Easter Egg for Christmas, but you knew that Google can’t resist.  In Chrome, and the Google Plus app for iOS and Android you will see Mr Jingles celebrating in his lovely sweater.

There are a couple more special animations if you’re checking your notifications.

Mr Jingles Mr Jingles