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Global Mail

Although English has become a very important language in the world, it is by far the most common.  Less than half of all the people in the world do not speak a language that either uses Latin as its base or phonetic characters in its written language.  Google is making this possible by working with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to bring all language types to Gmail. This is a true globalization of the application.

In July, Google announced that it would be supporting 13 more languages in Gmail than previously.  These languages will allow those whose languages are non-phonetic to include more pictorial written languages in email.  So that a name or word does not require translation into some foreign symbol just to be used practically in the system created in the Western World.

This is a marvelous breakthrough in language and it’s display.  And a grateful tool in a world where form and figure has been more freed due to computers (rather than the reverse).

Gmail’s new Photo UI

photo ui

Google automatically makes backup copies of your photos when you’re logged into Google Plus.  Now with the new Gmail Photo UI all those photos are available in Gmail.  And to boot, you get customization features.

Google is constantly expanding its feature set and with this latest photo ui improvement, you get just that much more.  The new interface offers access to the full suite of photos from your auto backup, including albums and Auto Awesome.  But once you get the photo into the email, what if you need to make changes?

Like some other programs, for example Blogger or Google Presentations, you can now add images to your gmail emails with the option modify the image on the fly.   If the image is too large, just grab the edge and resize, to whatever size you want.

Make sure to turn on “Auto Backup” to get all your images loaded into Google Plus Photos today.  Google allows an unlimited number of images as long as they’re no more than 3.15 MP (2048 x 1536)

Source:  GMail

Gmail Shelfie: Shared Selfie


Gmail kicks off April Fools (a day early for the Western world), with the Gmail Shelfie.  No, the Shelfie is not when your bookshelf takes a picture of itself, but by Google’s definition a Shared Selfie.  But like almost all Google April Fools jokes, this one is functional, you can actually add a background “shelfie” to your gmail.

Miss Piggy gmail shelfie

Currently Miss Piggy is on top for the most popular Shelfie (make sure to spam your twitter account with #shelfie, so Google will know that it’s April Fools joke went viral).

You all love setting selfies as your custom theme in Gmail, but you’ve told us there’s one major problem: there isn’t a way to share your selfie with others. As the pioneering platform for selfies, Gmail is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the selfie space. And we think it’s a tragedy that your handsome hair, luscious lashes and beautiful brows have been trapped in your own inbox. Until now, that is. Today, we’re proud to free your selfies by launching Gmail Shelfiethe SHareable sELFIE.

Source: Gmail Blog

Better Visuals in Gmail’s Promotions Tab

Promotions tab

Previously in the Gmail promotions tab, you merely saw whatever Google had identified as advertisement email.  But most advertisements have good graphics within them to catch your attention.  Google wants you to get a better idea of these promotions, so they’re changing the visuals in the tab.

You can now opt to see your promotions emails in a tiled format that will show you the top graphics from each email.  Advertisements will now be able to catch your eye by the visual aspects rather than pushing text.  It’s quite a brilliant idea on the part of the Google Gmail engineers to enhance the experience that you may already want.

Mind you this is only a field trial for the sake of this change.  So, if you want in, you’ll need to visit a site that Google has setup  There’s no telling who will get into this trial, but I have a strong feeling that your odds are better than for Google I/O 2014

Source:  Google Mail

Secure Gmail, now with complete HTTPS

secure gmail

If you weren’t already using HTTPS for all your Gmail interactions, you will now have no other choice.  It’s sort-of like having the doors of your home auto-lock whether you’re going to water the roses  or leaving for vacation.  Either way, you’re going to have  secure gmail  whether you want to, or not.

How could this possibly be bad?  Google is locking down your email whether you’re on public WiFi or at home, and everywhere in between.  When your messages are in Google’s Data Centers or travelling the globe to your contacts in foreign nations, it’s all secure.

Google has been working to put this action into motion since they were caught off guard back in late 2013 by the surveillance revelations with the government. But it’s nothing new, as Google had set  HTTPS as the default for all accounts back in 2010.  More than likely you’ve been using HTTPS without really thinking about it. But now everyone has secure gmail.

This ensures that your messages are safe not only when they move between you and Gmail’s servers, but also as they move between Google’s data centers

Source: Gmail