Google Doodle’s the First Day of Spring 2016


The First day of Spring 2016 comes a bit earlier

This year we’ve already seen a Solar eclipse across the South Pacific, and the Leap year has come and gone, and now the first day of spring 2016 arrives a bit earlier than usual.  But per nearly any obscure day, the Google Doodle has got you covered.

The Catholic holiday of Easter is coming up soon, and quite soon as it rarely occurs in March.  Only every 4 to 5 years and only in Western culture does Easter fall in tail end of March.  But like many faith-sourced holidays, this holiday finds its celebration based on the cycles of celestial objections; in Easter’s case, the Moon.

The first day of Spring 2016 is determined by the position of the Earth’s in its orbit, or the halfway position between the beginning of Winter and Summer.  Or more explicitly…

An equinox is an astronomical event in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun (Wikipedia: Equinox)

Thanks to Google for making what used to be a significant change in the climate for an almost strictly agriculturally-based society, into a pleasant footnote on the page of modern society.

Google Doodle: Wilbur Scoville and his Spicy Scale

Scoville 003

How many Scoville’s is your Pepper?

Wilbur Scoville gave us his “Spiciness” scale and over 100 years later we still use it.  The Google Doodle today celebrates the man and his pursuit of how hot or spicy a food could be, also known as piquancy or pungency.

The Scoville Organoleptic Test, in it’s full title, measures the effective heat level of a pepper by comparing it to the equivalent amount of a neutralizing agent such as sugar.  The more sugar required to neutralize a particular volume of a pepper (it’s capsinoids), the higher the Scoville rating.  The scale currently stands at a range of 0 to 2.2 million Scoville heat units.  That is, from the weakest heat factor of a Bell pepper, up to the most recently developed Carolina Reaper, that ranges from 1.6 – 2.2 million. The Reaper is actually a hybrid of the Ghost pepper and a habanero pepper.

Although it may appear that the rating of 2.2 million heat units is exceptional, the scale seems to be more logarithmic than flat, jumping up to 100,000 by the halfway mark in the scale.  Nevertheless, at least to those who may begin to sweat after eating a Cayenne pepper, the Ghost pepper may incapacitate a person.

Give Google’s Doodle a try today, January 22nd and test your mettle with a little game of heat and skill to find out how hot each pepper is.

Google Doodle Recognizes Martin Luther King Jr Day 2016

Martin Luther King Jr Day 2016 002

Google Doodle for Martin Luther King Jr Day

In all time and especially since the founding of the United States of America, the efforts of many people to overcome oppression, has been an uphill but necessary battle.  Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr that struggle was voiced and acted upon in a very public manner. Even with 100 years under its belt, the US still could not resolve its issue with the enslavement of human beings at the time of Martin Luther King Jr.  But we can remember his life and idea for which he stood with this Google Doodle.

Even now, nearly fifty years after the assassination of Dr. King this country still struggles with inequality.  And Google tries as humbly as possible to honor the idea, actions, and memory for which Martin Luther King Jr worked so hard.

You can find more information on the Day that signed into recognition via Google’s search for Martin Luther King Jr Day.  It took roughly 10 years for the US congress to get a petition for a bill to commemorate the man.   There were some disappointing arguments against such to be recognized.  Thankfully in November of 1983, President Reagan signed the bill, and in 1986 it was actually celebrated as an official national / federal holiday.  Making this year’s recognition, the 30th anniversary of the first celebration of Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Check out Google’s links or Wikipedia for more information on the Day and the Man. And don’t forget to buy a copy of Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech (it’s Copyrighted).  It’s not hard to find it on YouTube however, but in respect to Dr. King’s family, we will not link it here.

2016 New Year’s Eve Google Doodle

2016 Google Doodle

2016 New Year’s Eve: Google Doodle

You can rely on Google to present a good visual for nearly every special holiday event.  And the 2016 New Year’s Eve Google Doodle does not disappoint.   The 2nd tallest object, that is the egg, which is attempting to break out, but is not yet ready, is the “L” in GOOGLE.  While the “E” at the end check’s his clock to be sure it isn’t yet time. The 2nd “O” in the line looks like he’s ready to celebrate the new year with a noise maker.

As we all prepare for our Year End / Year Beginning, it is good to look back on all the great things that have happened this year.   One of the most significant is that Google itself became a sub-company under its new parent, Alphabet.  Now Google itself is free to be just a search engine / advertising company.  Google Android, Adsense, Analytics, Ara, AdMob, Alerts, Blogger, Boston Dynamics, Books, Calico, Carboard, Drive, Design, Earth, Express, Fiber, Fi, Flights, Feedburner, Firebase, Finance, Gmail, Glass, Groups, Hangouts, Images, Ingress, Inbox, Jump, Keep, Local, Loon, Mpas, News, Now, Offers, Plus, Play, Photos, Picasa, Voice, Ventures, Video, Wear, Wallet, Wing,  and X are now under the Alphabet banner.

Here’s to 2016 and whatever’s in the egg