Google Calendar gets Smarter

Google Calendar

You always try to fill in the prompts on Google Calendar, after all you want the meeting to take place.  But you’re never very good with the locations.  Well, Google is on top of that for you.  Just like when you start typing a location into Google Maps, the “where” space on Google Calendar will begin searching for the full address.

Google is all about adaptability when you’re in the system.  If something changes, the whole equation should change.  If you’re sending a Calendar invite to a Google Group, it would be great if all the people in that group get the message, you shouldn’t have to check back.  What are computers good for if not automation?

The features that we as users of the Google suite of software see is often just the best parts of the internal beta software that Google is testing on its employees every day.  We’re fortunate that even though we see issues and bugs, that we never have to see the start of the project.

Googlers are used to being able to search for just about anything inside Google, but now we can too.  If you start searching via the Search bar in Calendar, Google will find everything that is relevant to your search in your Calendar.