Canadian Competition Bureau declares Google not anti-competitive

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Google is not anti-competitive, in Canada at least, says Competition Bureau

The Canadian Competition Bureau has dropped its case against Google, declaring that the company is not anti-competitive. This decision comes just prior to the European Union’s move to make the same accusation against the search giant.

According to a blog post on the website of the Competition Bureau released on April 19th, the Bureau has determined that the majority of Google’s activities are not infringing on the the rights of other companies to compete in the same market.  The Bureau did however take issue with Google’s requirement of advertisers that they not sell ads with other search engines.  Google has complied with the Bureau’s request that this be changed, for a period of five years.

After an extensive, three-year investigation, and listening to thousands of complaints from customers and rivals, the Bureau determined that Google’s most direct intent was for the sake of users of its search engine.  The algorithm that Google employs is often changed, but for the embetterment of the users, not to skirt competitive rules or lord it’s market dominance over others.

Following the investigation and Google’s compliance, the Canadian Competition Bureau makes note that it is interested to see what the European Union finds.  For now, we will have to watch the EU’s grilling of Google’s search and advertising practices.  But the hope stands that the wisdom expressed in the findings of both the US and Canadian anti-competition watchdogs is reflected in that of the EU.

Source: CCB Blog