Auto Share Blogger Posts via Google Plus

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Auto Share Blogger Posts via Google Plus

For several months Blogger users have had the privilege of Google offering to have their posts shared immediately via their Google Plus account.  But change is in the air and Google is now offering that the manual step of posting be removed.  Auto share Blogger posts via Google Plus, will now be the default.

Not that it was difficult to post to Google Plus from Blogger, but the automation should make it easier on Blogger users.  Blogger users will see a classic megaphone icon next to the “overview” feature in their blog admin panel.  Clicking the megaphone will enable autopost.  The feature can be disabled in the Google+ section of the admin panel.

All public blogs will be have auto post enabled by default from now on.  Supposedly a snippet will be included in the auto post, but as of September 10th, Alex Chitu of Google System Blog, discovered a bug that doesn’t quite do it.

We can rely on the Google Engineers to resolve this issue soon (if it has not already been done).  Although some released features are not always spit-shine polished when they arrive, Google is good about bring it up to code quickly.