Google Today is a blog dedicated to “All things G” (Google).  And even now that Google is merely a subsidiary of Alphabet, this blog will continue to blog about Google.  This  blog grew out of my strong fondness for the manners and methods employed by the founders of Google to “Don’t Be Evil”, as well as to strive for honesty and greatness in the World.

Google has set an example that business doesn’t have to be solely about the bottom line.  That development and creativity spawn from the excitement of doing good for mankind, rather than acquisition of a larger paycheck.  GoogleToday.net news is about that positivity.

Author / Founder:   Wes Lambert is a the founder of GoogleToday.net  When he isn’t blogging about Google, he is serving his community, his church, and his family.  If you wish to communicate with Wes, please send him an email: info@googletoday.net