Chrome OS Audio Control Update

Chrome OS Audio control

Some of us rely heavily on our Chromebooks for music and audio control.  So when Google sends out an update to that function, it’s a great pleasure to receive it.  This Chrome OS audio update provides a slight tweak to the interface.

You may already be familiar with the very basic volume controls available in Chrome, but with this update you may be pleasantly relieved. Of course in applications like Google Play Music, you get some level of control for your audio, but what if the music is local, or in a different app.  The Chrome OS audio control feature offers control of all media source in your Chromebook.

Below are the simple control methods for

- Press <Up> to increase the volume of 1
- Press <Down> to decrease the volume of 1
- Press <Alt> + <Up> to increase the volume of 10
- Press <Alt> + <Down> to decrease the volume of 10

Source:  Chromium


Google I/O 2014 Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

So you’re bummed that Google did not pick you after you rolled the dice in the Google I/O 2014 lottery.  Be not dismayed, there is more loot to be found.  Google has implemented a scavenger hunt among the pages of the Google Developers site.

For those Google devs that are truly dedicated to the quest, it may be possible to acquire the chance to bypass the lottery and get a “golden ticket”.  Throughout the developers sites, Google has placed a random number of “” links. If you find and click one of these links and you’ll be transported to an eclectic page that resembles the classic text-based games from the 1980s.  The adventure is that of a wild ride with Icarus.

If however, you’ve already found one of these links and it was a dud, worry not.  Google is apparently replacing the already found links with more valid ones.  So keep looking.

“He said comb the desert, so we’re combing the desert”

“Found anything yet!?”

Source: Android Police

Gmail’s new Photo UI

photo ui

Google automatically makes backup copies of your photos when you’re logged into Google Plus.  Now with the new Gmail Photo UI all those photos are available in Gmail.  And to boot, you get customization features.

Google is constantly expanding its feature set and with this latest photo ui improvement, you get just that much more.  The new interface offers access to the full suite of photos from your auto backup, including albums and Auto Awesome.  But once you get the photo into the email, what if you need to make changes?

Like some other programs, for example Blogger or Google Presentations, you can now add images to your gmail emails with the option modify the image on the fly.   If the image is too large, just grab the edge and resize, to whatever size you want.

Make sure to turn on “Auto Backup” to get all your images loaded into Google Plus Photos today.  Google allows an unlimited number of images as long as they’re no more than 3.15 MP (2048 x 1536)

Source:  GMail

Google I/O 2014 Lottery Begins Now

Google I/O 2014 Lottery

Starting at 5 AM Pacific the Google I/O 2014 lottery will take the world by storm, and this time it’s for real.   But remember in four more hours you can spend $1500 of your tax return on Google Glass too.  So, at least if you don’t get in to Google I/O 2014, you can still say you’ve got Glass. And how about that Lunar Eclipse, eh?!

What is this a Moon shot?

If I believed in coincidence I’d say miracles were going to happen today, but Google Glass and Google I/O 2014 is close enough.

Just remember that if you do sign up for the Google I/O 2014 Lottery, and you’re picked to go, only you can go.  There is no way to sell your spot, Stubhub won’t help you here.  Granted, if you’re a student you won’t have to pay $900, only $300.

Speculation on the gear swag that we could be seeing at Google I/O 2014 may include an Android TV, Android 4.4.3 devices, Google Glass, or something totally new.  The event will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 25th & 26th.

Happy Tax Day

Source: Google Glass, Google I/O 2014

Chrome for Android gets access to Chromecast

chromecast for Android

Yes, you have many apps that can cast video to a Chromecast stick, but now you can do it natively in Chrome for Android.  It may not be bad at all to hack Google hardware if it means that within a few revisions Google will add your feature.  Granted it would be nice to be paid like a Google Engineer to do it.

Google is including a nifty new feature in build 35 of Chrome.  That feature will allow you to cast any video from your Chrome for Android browser.   The integration isn’t spotless yet, but Google would like it to be so.  But hey can you blame them, they’re making video that’s playing in one browser connect to and play in another. It’ s impressive, thank goodness for HTML5.

Along with this update comes another nifty feature.  If you’ve ever accidentally closed a tab in Chrome for Android, never fear, it can be undone just like in the Chrome for desktops.   If you’ve used Chromecast even once, then we won’t have to remind you to use the rectangle with three concentric lines in the lower left-hand corner as you ticket to casting.

Now if I could just get this to work in my car…

Source: Google OS