Google Views upgrades include comments and +1s

Google Views_01

According to Evan Rapoport of Google, a couple of new features have been added to Google Views. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Views, it’s a photo exploration site within Google Maps, that gives photographers another platform to show off their work.  Through the use of Google Plus and Google Maps, Google has drawn a whole other network following with Google Views.

And now with the addition of +1 and comments in Google Views, it is possible for even more interesting interactions between photographers and their fans.  Google Plus had from the outset been a manner for photographers to post their work.  And people have communicated with these photographers via Google Plus.  But now you don’t have to find the photographer first to see his / her work, you can just explore the world via Google Views and find it there.

Chromecast Site Gets More Awesome

Chromecast Site Gets More

From the outset of the Chromecast the site that Google has put up was a bit lackluster (interpreted: Google likes basic, flat, simple, beta to begin with).  This has now changed and as the Chromecast site gets more apps, it begins to achieve what it might have been in the first place.

Googel has added even more tabs and apps interaction capacity.  It’s not just a simple smattering of apps, oh no, there’s more now.  And so if you click on the “more” button you will get exactly that, more apps, more features. If you feel that the “more”-ness of the Chromecast site is too much for you, you can filter the apps by clicking on the drop-down.  And as it customary for Google there is a search icon.

Although the Chromecast site is not yet as complete as the Android Play store, it certainly has more features and access to apps.  We can only look to the future for the rest of the awesome to show up on this site.

Sneak Peek at New Google Chrome OS, Athena

Chrome OS Athena

 Chrome OS Athena

Thanks to Google’s François Beaufort, we now have a slim glimpse of the future of Chrome OS, Athena.  Although this screenshot alone is not much to go on, the overall concept looks interesting.  This appears to be a first draft for the team, so it will likely look a great deal more clean when it finally arrives.

From the image above, it appears that Google is planning a new style to change and stack tabs.  Outside of this and François’ post we have little to go on.  The discovery of the new version came from code hackers searching for intrigue.

Features of the new OS include split-screen mode, touch-screen capability, on-screen keyboard support, touch gestures, and other features that would seem to compliment the ideals of Android.  Athena looks like a move to make all platforms similar and familiar.


Google Chrome New Incognito Mode

New Incognito Mode

 New Incognito Mode

Google doesn’t appear to care what you do with the new incognito mode, but they do care enough to offer some level of privacy.  This most recent update brings a clearer idea of what they mean by “incognito”.

The clearer idea makes it clear that although Google may not be able to see what you are doing, your employer can still see.  Incognito mode merely does not keep a copy of what you’re doing.  As noted above your history, cookies, and tabs will not be kept, but bookmarks and downloads will be.

Although if you have nothing to hide or no reason to need specific privacy, one nice feature of the incognito mode is the option to open a separate session for another account.  If you’re a long time user or just a corporate / home user, you may want to have access to the full suite of Google applications from both home and work accounts.  Google does make it possible for you to access multiple Gmail accounts, multiple Drive accounts cannot be used in the same browser session.

Google Mobile Search warns of Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash

While iOS has never supported Adobe Flash, Google’s Android phones were hailed as at least one mobile OS that would.  But now that Adobe has depreciated it’s Flash web software and Google has ceased incorporating it, warning abound.

You can still get Flash to work on older versions of Android, but as Adobe has stopped supporting its own software, websites have slowly begun to move away from it.  However, newer versions of Android do now support Flash and of course all iOS devices do not as well.  So you you are searching via Google Mobile, you will now be warned of the inability to view a Flash-based website.