san antonio google fiber 2

San Antonio Google Fiber

san antonio google fiber

San Antonio Google Fiber

Could it be? Could we soon see San Antonio Google Fiber? It doesn’t seem like such a long shot, considering the relative closeness of Austin.  With a tall repeater and some decent long range transmitters, it might be possible to get a relay going on the outskirts of the two cities.

There are always some unavoidable obstacles, but the one most important lies no with Google, but with the City of San Antonio. Google has some high demands in order to make the roll-out of fiber quick in any city.  That city must agree to make consolations in order to entice the search giant as well.

The process of a roll-out to San Antonio, Google Fiber is complex as best.  But it would seem that the advantages both literal and political out-weight the disadvantages.  Alas, Google is only one company, we’ll just have to wait on the political process for the good news.

Google Chrome Account Switcher

Google Chrome Account Switcher

Google Chrome Account Switcher

Google Chrome Account Switcher is made for those who have more than one Google Account.  And it’s easy to have that considering how inexpensive a Free Google account can be.  But until recently, you’d have to run multiple browsers or a second account in a the incognito mode in order to gain access to it.

Now with the new Chrome Account Switcher you can have as many accounts as you like.  Each instance of Google Chrome is separate from the next, so there is no interference between account instances.  If you were a mega power user with three separate browsers open plus Chrome incognito mode, you can now consolidate to your favorite browser.

The setup process is simple.  Click your account name at the top right-hand side of the browser, and select “Switch person”.

Google Chrome Account Switcher_02


Click “Add Person” and then sign-in as usual.

You may notice that the default account will offer the local extensions and apps to this new account, but you don’t have to use them.  The new session is completely separate with it’s own apps, extensions, bookmarks, and history.  Now you can keep your history rather than have incognito mode ignore it.

It is important to note that although each session will sync with any of the same account sessions on other systems (Chromebooks, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc…), another system will not synchronize the list of accounts that you may have on any one system.   You will need to setup each account per system.


Easten US Cities Google Fiber

Google Fiber coming to a few Eastern US Cities

Easten US Cities Google Fiber

A Few Eastern US Cities will be seeing Google Fiber soon

Farbeit for Google Fiber to show in it’s home area of Silicon Valley, in California. But for those who live in and around Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham, Google is quite interested in moving ahead.  Having covered Kansas City, Provo, and now just beginning in Austin, Google is hitting the Eastern US Cities like an expected blizzard.

It was about a year ago when Google announced that it would be considering 33 cities and metropolitan areas across the US, but for now it looks like the Western-most areas (sans Provo) will just have to wait.

Google Fiber Process

The long process of communicating with cities, approving plans and making pathways are just some of the less obvious tasks that Google needs make progress with before installing.  And citizens of the up-and-coming cities are right to feel blessed for the governments of their cities and states are quite amenable to Google Fiber.  At the end of 2014 it seemed that there was no obvious, sure plan for any of the next 33 cities. Although people in areas surrounding Portland, Oregon, and San Jose, California have been quite vocal about the desire for Google Fiber, the problem still rests in the laws of the cities and states.


Google Wireless Service

Google Wireless service

Google Wireless Service

Google Wireless service

This is a first for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO). The new Google Wireless service will use Sprint and T-mobile.  It’s nothing new for Google to offer internet service since Kansas City first rolled out Google Fiber.  And in all the cities that so far host Google Fiber, you can find Starbucks with Gigabit WiFi.  But this Mobile Carrier deal is something new.

Google, it would seem, is ironically trying to move away from Wireless service and with this new wireless service will concentrate on WiFi.  It’s probably obvious to anyone who has tried to make a VoIP call that it’s quite easy to get out of range of WiFi.  But with the backing of T-mobile and Sprint, Google Wireless service will provide that necessary backup.

At a mere $2 per gigabyte of data, Google may pick up roughly one billion dollars in service from the two carriers.  Speculatively this could all come into being sometime in 2018 is noted by an analyst from Macquarie Securities.  This plan for wireless service doesn’t appear to be an attempt to overthrow the two largest mobile carriers in the US. Although as is typical with Google, this may be another move to change the way people think about wireless service.

In all likelihood when the Google Wireless service comes to the market, it may the least costly service with the best coverage and additional free services available. This blog will attempt to keep you up-to-date on these happenings.

South Austin fiberhood_02

South Austin Fiberhoods Online Now

South Austin fiberhoods online

South Austin Fiberhoods Online

South Austin may have a great deal of apartments, but that does not appear to be a hindrance to the goodness that is Google Fiber.  Dozens of apartment complexes has signed up for the synchronous gigabit service as the service rolls out.    Between HWY 1, 290, and the Colorado River, South Austin Fiberhoods are coming online now.

In December 2014, Google setup a shop called the Fiber Space where residents of South Austin can come and check out what it’s actually like to surf the web at gig speeds.  Open most of the day 10 am to 10 pm Mon-Sat and Noon to 5 pm on Sundays, residents may not want to leave.

So, if you live in this area of Austin, please be sure to check out the Google Fiber Austin page ASAP to make sure that you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Connect with Google Fiber reps at the events page, firsthand